Producing an album for a band? Or, perhaps you're working with an artist who prefers to release songs single by single. For any scenario, projects give you the ability to group similar tracks together easily & effectively.


Songs go through many versions in their lifecycle. We automatically arrange the revisions chronologically, with the option to add notes indicating any updates to specific versions.

Our uploader accepts MP3 and WAV formats up to 100MB. When uploading a WAV we automatically convert it to a 320 kbps MP3 for high quality web playback. Both formats are conveniently available to download for offline listening.

Real-time, Time-based

Giving feedback on a specific part of a song can be a cumbersome task through email or text. We allow you to leave time-based comments and have unlimited conversations which are visually indicated on each revision.

Don't let your communication get lost in the mix

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