Tracks go through many different versions, which quickly becomes a pain to keep track of. Our platform handles that for you.

Real-time, Time-based

All conversations and feedback are organized visually based off of timestamps.

Catalog &

Keep a record of all your tracks, their entire lifecycle, conversations and feedback.

Safe &

We use industry standard encryption, obfuscation and 2048-Bit SSL to ensure your work-in-progress tracks are safe from public ears.

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Supercharged workflow

Bring your production workflow into the 21st century.

Let handle the uploading, storing, versioning, notes, conversations, cataloging and archiving of your tracks, so you can focus on what's important: The music.

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For me, to find the magic in a song, collaboration and clear communication are necessary. has played a key role in making that faster and easier.

Cezar White

Music Producer | Tone Freak Audio

When collaborating on a song having the right people is important. Just as important is having the right tools. For me, has been the tool for sharing ideas quickly and painlessly.

Brandon Lehti

Singer / Songwriter has helped me to see the evolution of a song from initial concept to finished product. Ideas and changes can be easily conveyed, and it allows for a workflow that is easy to follow.

Jonny Tobin

Pianist & Songwriter

I used to have to send emails, texts, or facebook messages and my adjustment requests would constantly get lost. Having tracks, comments, and versions in one place on has made my life so much easier.

Gabriela Geneva

Singer Songwriter